Volume 2, Issue 2 (September 2015)



Special Issue on Reading Queer in Literature, Film and Culture

Table of Contents

Part-I:  Queer Visual Culture

1. Willa’s Case: Queer Narratives and Virtual Museums       dwl

Joshua G. Adair (Murray State University, Kentucky, US)      

2. Unlearning Queer History: On Quotation as Abstraction in Josh Faught’s How to Make Somethings from Nothings       dwl

Adam Barbu (University of Toronto, Canada)      

3. “A Man in Woman” The Figure of Chitrangada in The Mahabharata, Tagore and Rituparno Ghosh      dwl

Saurabh Bhattacharyya (C. S. S. Mahavidyalaya, West Bengal State University, India) 

4. Bessie, Queer Black Cinema in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries, and the Mining of the Harlem Renaissance      dwl

Richard M. Breaux (University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, US)      

5. Mind the Road: Lesbian Tragedies in Last Tango in Halifax and Call the Midwife      dwl

Lucy Brown (University of Sheffield, UK)      

6. Pedro Almodóvar’s First Film: Giving Visibility to Queerness      dwl

Cecilia Mouat (North Carolina State University, US)      

7. The Kids Are All Right: Same-Sex Family Values and the Pursuit of Normalcy   dwl

Umesh Patra (English and Foreign Languages University, India)      

8. The ‘Gay’ Fictive City: Queer Imaginations in the Cinematic Space      dwl

Sagorika Singha (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)      

9. “It’s Alive, It’s Alive”: Homosexuality as Monstrous in James Whale’s Frankensteindwl

Jeneen K Surrency (Florida A&M University, US)      

Part-II: Literature and Queer

10. To be Black, Southern, and Gay: An Analysis of Daniel Black’s Perfect Peace in the Context of the Rise in Southern Literature      dwl

Sherri Mignon Arnold (Morgan State University, US)

11. A Case of Difficult Textuality: Queer as Everyday Normal in Edward Albee’s The Goat      dwl

Bhushan Aryal (West Virginia University, US)

12. Lost in the Middle: Cal’s Never-Ending Search for Identity in Jeffrey Eugenide’s Middlesex dwl

Beth Boswell (Middle Tennessee State University, US)

13. Anxiety in the Text: Ideology, Feminism, and Erotic Triangles in Shakespeare’s The Two Noble Kinsmen      dwl

Nichole DeWall (McKendree University, Illinois, US)      

14. Sex(uality) and The City: Queering Amrita Patil’s Kari      dwl

Sakshi Dogra (Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi, India)      

15. Dorothy Allison: Queering Autobiography, Discussing Sexuality, Reshaping Feminism      dwl

Mélanie Grué (Université Paris-Est Créteil Val-de-Marne, France)

16. Transgressing the Borders: Ambiguous Queer Spots, Homoerotic Silences and Tagore’s Gora and Two Sisters      dwl

Rajesh James (Sacred Heart College, Mahatma Gandhi University, India) & Sathyaraj Venkatesan (National Institute of Technology, Trichy, India)

17. Dystopian Queer: Divergent, Legend, and the Parables dwl

Katherine Lashley (Morgan State University, US)

18. How to Dismantle a Boy: A Queer Reading of the Masculinities in Junot Diaz’s Work       dwl

Daniela Miranda (Washington State University, US) 

19. A Community of Difference: Confession and Queer Sexual Agency in Zami      dwl

Natalie Perfetti Oates (Florida State University, US)

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