Current Issue

Volume 5 | September 2018

Special Issue: The City Plays Itself–Cinema and the City

Guest Editors: José Duarte (ULisboa) and Luís Urbano (Porto)

The Apollonian–The City Plays Itself (5, 2018)

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: The City Plays Itself – Cinema and the City – José Duarte and Luís Urbano    6
  2. Control Freak Constructing a Virtual Cityscape: Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” – Etienne Boumans 12
  3. City, Cinema, Modernity in the 1960’s: The Cinematic Swinging London – Maria Helena Braga e Vaz da Costa 27
  4. When Global the Global City Confronts Terrorism: New York City in Films on 9/11 – Moxi Zhang 40
  5. Future Slums: Problems of Urban Space in Science Fiction Cinema – David L. Pike 52
  6. Dome and Away: Logan’s Run Post-Apocalyptic Cityscapes – Hermínia Sol 71
  7. The Material World of Gattaca – Michael Johnston 83
  8. The Haptic Utopia: Tarkovsky’s Resolution to the Conflict of the Oppressive Dystopian City in Stalker (1979) 94
  9. (Re)emerging from Ruins: Screening the American Postindustrial Urban Landscape of the 80’s – Luísa Sol 101
  10. Representing the Banlieue’s Space: An Investigation Into French Cinema – Antonin Pruvot 118
  11. Places of Otherness. Strategies of Urban Representation in Foreign Parts – Iván Villarmea Álvarez  131