Please email your paper to Before you do so, please read the guidelines and submission policy carefully and prepare a Microsoft Word (doc/docx) file which conforms to the journal’s required format.

Prepare your Manuscript

  1. Papers must be submitted as neatly-typed .doc/.docx file.
  2. The paper must not exceed 5000 words (including bibliography).
  3. Documentation must strictly follow the latest MLA style.
  4. Endnotes (if at all necessary) should be used instead of footnotes. Insert endnotes manually and not using MS Word endnotes tool.
  5. Page: A4 with 1” margin on all sides.
  6. Font Face: Palatino Linotype.
  7. Font Size: Title 14 pt; Writer’s Name 12 pt; Text 12 pt.
  8. Space between two lines: 1.5 pt.
  9. Indention of long quotations (35 words or more): 0.5” on the left only.
  10. The Word file should be named “Submission-author name
  11. The word file must have four sections: (a) a cover page containing the title of the paper, author details and an abstract within 200 words. (b) the article beginning from page 2, (c) a short author bio (your name, email, designation, institutional affiliation, qualification, areas of interest and major publications) within 200 words in third person, and (d) a declaration of originality, and non-publication appended to the paper.

A required format of paper can be downloaded  HERE. Papers submitted in any other format may not be considered. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in rejection.

Please be aware that we receive a large number of submission, and the peer review process can take up to three months or longer. The contributors are requested to wait patiently during the review process and not to send query mails.

Please Read Carefully before you Submit

Peer Reviews and Resubmissions

(Please read the journal’s policies on the Homepage) The journal follows double blind peer review policy. The paper is sent to two reviewers (the experts in respective field) to review the paper in the light of journal’s guidelines and features of a quality research paper. For papers which require changes, the same reviewers will be used to ensure that the quality of the revised paper is acceptable. Once the review process is over, the authors of provisionally accepted papers will be asked to provide necessary modifications, if necessary, and re-submit their papers within 7-15 days. The selection of papers is subject to the decision of the Editorial Board of The Apollonian, and any grievance in this regard will not be entertained. The Editors reserve the right to make changes and modifications to the article without prior notice to the author.

The article submitted for consideration for The Apollonian must not be submitted to another journal, edited volume or any other project within the time-span of six months. If the article is not published in The Apollonian within six months from the date of submission, or the concerned author is not contacted within the mentioned period, the article may be submitted elsewhere.

Plagiarism Policy

The article must be an original research work with due acknowledgement to the all the sources used for research purposes. Neither the Publisher nor the Editors will be responsible for any kind of plagiarism and/or copyright violation. If an article is proved to be plagiarized it will be removed from the website and the author will be barred from submitting to The Apollonian thereafter.

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal of the submitted article will not be allowed within six months from the date of submission. Withdrawal will also not be allowed if the article is selected for publication in a future issue of The Apollonian even if the issue is delayed. Request/Demand of withdrawal of a selected article or retraction of a published article will not be entertained under any circumstance (except for serious legal matters like copyright violation). Legal and/or institution-level actions may be taken against the violator of such conditions.