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A Humble Request to All

The Apollonian is a non-profit academic journal which publishes scholarly and original research articles, and provides full open-access to its contents. But the journal does not have a funding agency/institute to support its sustenance. It is not the journal’s policy to charge contributors in the name of submission, publication, processing, etc., fees. Neither does it give space to any kind of advertisement in the website. There are a number of online journals which are doing business in the name of academic endeavor. Business is good, but The Apollonian does not encourage it within the ambit of academia. However, a minimum financial aid is necessary for the sustenance and maintenance of the journal. This is a humble request to generous institutes, publishing firms and academicians to support the journal financially through sponsoring an issue or making a donation. The supporters will be amply thanked and acknowledged for their help.

Our esteemed contributors, especially those who are employed/salaried, are also requested to extend their support to The Apollonian.  This, however, should be taken as an appeal and not a compulsion. It should also be noted that an aspiring contributor can offer financial help to the journal, but the Editors will not guarantee the publication of his/her article on the basis of monetary assistance. There was not and will not be any compromise with quality.

SPONSORSHIP AMOUNT (One Issue): US $ 150 | € 125 | Rs. 3000

DONATION (Minimum): US $ 25 | € 20 | Rs. 500

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